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GTG 2019

This is a short community survey on the potential for resurrecting the "Getting Things GNOME" (a.k.a. "GTG") project. GTG is a native GNOME desktop application (it also runs well on other desktops) that is entirely free and open-source (licensed under the GPL) and runs locally on your Linux computer. It is one of the most well-made productivity apps of the decade.

If you arrived directly on this survey, take a minute to learn more about the context in this blog post. If you need further context and don't know what GTD is, see this companion video I made to summarize the methodology.

Filling this survey should take 4-6 minutes at most.

  • Your answers to this survey will be incredibly helpful in letting me (Jeff Fortin Tam, long-time FLOSS contributor) evaluate if/how GTG can be brought back to life as a sustainable project.
  • Please answer honestly (for example if you know you wouldn't want to pay a dime, don't pretend you would! I don't need encouragement, I need realistic data)
  • The survey is anonymous, except if you willingly share your email address so that I can reach out later and let you know the outcome (or if you want to get in touch to be a developer). In any case, I'm not selling the information, and what I would share publicly would be aggregate statistics and conclusions derived from them. The survey system you're using is running LimeSurvey, which is open-source software, and after analyzing the data I will probably destroy it to ensure safety as an extra precaution.

When you're done, please share this survey with people around you—in online and offline communities, among friends and coworkers, etc.

There are 17 questions in this survey.
General demographics questions
What desktop environments/platforms do you run? (ignoring proprietary ones)
How interested are you in a tool like this?
(This question is mandatory)
How familiar are you with the GTG application?
How often do you use a desktop/laptop computer to organize your task lists?
Willingness to contribute
Make sure you have read the blog post for context!
Would you be willing to contribute code on a regular basis? "No answer" implicitly means "I can't write code".
GTG is written in Python and uses the GTK GUI toolkit.
Are there any impediments to contributing code to the project currently? What are they? What would make this easier for you?
What are your specialties or areas of interest?
Provide some way for me to reach you as a developer if we decide to relaunch this project
(This question is mandatory)
To ensure professional maintainership, would you be (seriously) willing to contribute money (through a monthly donation/patronage)? If so, how much? (1 USD ~= 0.75€)

What platforms are acceptable (or make it easy) for you to donate regularly?

I would (try to) provide a grant/sponsorship through my company
"How dare you ask for contributions!"
This is still worth answering (if applicable) because it helps my statistics.
Special quirks
If you're a GTD practicitioner and are not a Linux user AND don't want to consider switching to Linux, but would gladly pay a subscription/patronage for other platforms...

Note: GTG is an existing desktop app, and I'm not personally in a position to make mobile versions; I don't know how to develop for those platforms, the toolkits and technologies are ENTIRELY different, it would mean rewriting the entire application, and creating a synchronization framework, etc. Besides, Google or Apple could decide to kick me out of their walled gardens at any time for any reason.

However, if other contributors would be able and willing to work on mobile versions, those would be welcome! I'm just not making a promise about those myself.

Your top 2 wanted bugfixes or features: reorder from most important to least important
In addition to the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing you are supporting the maintainership of this software, would there be any additional perks that would make you consider this investment to be more valuable? Click all that apply in the order of most important/interesting to least interesting.
Keeping in touch
Optional but recommended: your email address if you'd like to be notified when/if I launch this.
The email address will be used only for that purpose, though if you're interested in subscribing to my general news and tips as well, please feel free to use the form over there.
For longtime users: "I have specific opinions on how to make GTG better and would be interested in being interviewed about it"
Note: I may do 5-10 interviews with interested people.